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Vidi Aldiano Allegedly Remarried

Vidi Aldiano Allegedly Remarried

Vidi Aldiano Allegedly Remarried – Currently, more and more people know about the relationship between Vidi Aldiano and his wife, which has been around for a long time and is intimate. Right on Maudy Ayunda’s wedding day which took place today, Sunday (22/5/2022), Vidi Aldiano also looked different than usual.

This time, Sheila Dara Aisha’s husband no longer wears denim trousers or T-shirts. She dressed as a bridesmaid supposedly for her best friend, Maudy Ayunda.

Yes, the man who was born Oxavia Aldiano wears a beskap complete with batik cloth as a subordinate and also a blank. He smiled sweetly when photographed.

Unfortunately, in the photo, Vidi Aldiano cannot be seen posing with a woman whose real name is Ayunda Faza Maudya. Instead, he chose to pose with other women.

Through Instagram Stories, Sunday (22/5/2022), Vidi Aldiano uploaded the photo. He also explained the reason for wearing a full beskap.

“Bridesmate duty. So remember getting married first,” he wrote as a photo caption, while playing with the word ‘bridesmaid’.

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However, not a few of his friends misunderstood Vidi Aldiano. He was actually suspected of doubling his wife, Sheila Dara Aisha by polygamous. In the next upload, he also gave an explanation.

“NO. I’M NOT MARRIED AGAIN. ALL YOU ARE CRAZY …,” he wrote by giving a sad emoticon.

In the latest upload, Vidi Aldiano also showed off the moment Maudy Ayunda wore a white kebaya with her hair in a bun. He congratulated his best friend’s wedding.

“What.A BEAUTIFUL. CREMONY! MY BESTFRIEND IS LIT YO! CONGRATULATIONS @maudyayunda !” he added.Regarding Maudy Ayunda’s marriage, it is known from the information of her family members. He said that the marriage and thanksgiving ceremony was held with limited invitations.
“We apologize profusely to our friends that we cannot invite, because the marriage and thanksgiving ceremony is carried out at home, so the invitations are very limited, while the number of our extended family is more than 100 people,” said Maudy Ayunda’s family to one of her parents’ friends. .